Recruitment Services

Recruiting persons at management and expert levels is an important and far-reaching investment. Successful recruitment produces positive results quickly.

The recruitment process always starts by defining the current state and future needs of the customer organisation. A thorough analysis ensures that the working community and the recruited person are as compatible as possible and that the person's competence corresponds with the customer's expectations. Our recruitment consultants have extensive experience in and evidence of management and expert resources in the fields of IT, engineering, financial administration, sales, marketing, communication and HR management. They understand special characteristics related to the customer's operating environment.

Because every need and recruitment situation is different, we select the most profitable recruitment process from our recruitment services. Our services include recruitment advertising, combination recruitment and executive search. The selected method is supplemented with suitable evaluation services and career consulting.

Consultant Services

Experis offers the competence of Experis consultants in different business fields for the projects of its customers. Whether you need 10 fixed-term software engineers or a marketing director as a maternity leave substitute, we will find the correct solution for you.

We are able to find the correct solution for various needs – be it an unexpected growth in demand, a fixed-term project or a momentary need for a proper professional. The scope may range from one consultant to an entire team, from a few weeks to several years.

Our Experis consultants are proper experts in their fields. We closely analyse the competence, experience and personal qualities of each consultant. We know what motivates gifted people, and provide your organisation with our committed professionals.

Interim Management Services

Hiring directors, managers and experts has increased its popularity in Finland. Companies and organisations are continuously facing changes, requiring rapid decisions and effective implementation.

Changes, development programmes, projects. Product and service launches, new market entries. Streamlining and rightsizing. These are just a few examples of projects that are carried out in many companies in a steady stream. Each topic requires skilled planning and implementation and requires high-level expertise for the best possible results. Not every organization has the necessary competence or experience at hand, or detaching employees from key functions would be too risky.

Not all competence needs to be owned

A skilled expert, productive director or determined manager can be acquired for a specific duration through Experis Interim Management Services. We lease specialists for IT projects, HR and HRD functions, financial administration, sales, marketing and communications.

You are welcome to contact our experts. We will identify your organisation's situation and needs, and decide together how we could help you and your company reach your goals.

Project Solutions

The customer may have a more complex resourcing or development need, such as the establishment of an entire team or unit, the improvement of the efficiency of the recruitment process, the transfer of resource competence, or a large-scale analysis of competence within the organisation.

For these specific needs, we have developed Experis Project Solutions where we bear full or partial responsibility for project management and resources.

Each project solution is designed, paying attention to the customer's initial situation, objectives and schedules. A typical project solution includes resourcing services, expertise and project management.

Experience and expertise

Every year, we find new jobs for tens of thousands of professionals. We are able to select the correct individuals who have just the competence you need to succeed. Through the ManpowerGroup network, we are able to spread to more than 80 countries.

Higher accuracy

Companies succeed when their requirements meet the skills of talents. We dig deep in order to understand your organisation's needs. We select the best professionals whose skills and experience best match your organisation's technical competence and corporate culture.

The fastest results

Experis comprises a vast network of consultants in different market areas. We combine local expertise and individual views with global resources. As a result, we are able to put our customers in a leading position in the ever tightening competition over the best talent – talent which makes you stand out from your competitors.



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