Interim Management Services

Hiring directors, managers and experts has increased its popularity in Finland. Companies and organisations are continuously facing changes, requiring rapid decisions and effective implementation.

Changes, development programs, projects. Product and service launches, new market entries. Streamlining and rightsizing. These are just a few examples of projects that are carried out in many companies in a steady stream. Each topic requires skilled planning and implementation and requires high-level expertise for the best possible results. Not every organization has the necessary competence or experience at hand, or detaching employees from key functions would be too risky.

Not all competence needs to be owned

A skilled expert, productive director or determined manager can be acquired for a specific duration through Experis Interim Management Services. We lease specialists for IT projects, HR and HRD functions, financial administration, sales, marketing and communications.

You are welcome to contact our experts. We will identify your organisation's situation and needs, and decide together how we could help you and your company reach your goals.